Be Adult and Play Hitman Slot

Posted on April 23, 2013

play hitman slotThe movie Hitman was an aggressive and violent movie and now that a game has been based on it, that game is of the same nature. This is why you should be over eighteen before you play Hitman slot.

The graphics on this game are really good, almost picture perfect with an impressive soundtrack, and following in the mood of the movie, they are graphically violent. In the game you are Agent 47, the bald headed calculating assassin and in order to win you will have to be just as ruthless and cunning as he was in the movie.

Hitman Slot
This is one game that really draws you into the theme of the machine and you find yourself in a world of thrilling intrigue and suspense as you move along looking for first, contract and then your victims

This is a 5 reel slot with a possible 18 winning lines. The reels on this slot are filled with either the Hitman or some of the tools of his trade, guns, knives and even drugs. As the reels spin, you anxiously await the final positions of the reels, looking for either a win or the symbols in such a position as to afford you the chance to play Hitman slot bonus rounds.

Bonus Rounds
On the Iron Man slot, there are 3 bonus rounds to keep the action (and hopefully the winnings) rolling. In one of these bonus rounds, you get 18 free spins to try and increase your winnings and as an extra incentive, any wins during this round pay double. Keep your cool if you want to win on the second of the bonus rounds the “insignia bonus”, in order to play this round you have to get 3 insignia symbols on a winning line. To reach the last of the three bonus rounds when you play Hitman slot, you need to get 3 mini PC symbols on reels three, four and five of a winning line, which will take you to the “contract” round. Here you get to select certain items and if you select the right ones the round continues playing with ever increasingly high wins possible.