General Slot Features

For people new to slots, slots might seem difficult to understand, but really they are some of the easiest games in the world. Slots are in part so famous amongst players because they are so simple to play, and secondly because the slot machines are based on many different themes which make these games all the more interesting.

While all slots are different, the general features of all slot machines are more or less the same so if you understand how these features work then you’ll have no trouble playing them:

1. Wild symbol
Where does the term ‘Wild card’ come from? The term is used broadly on a slot machine; a wild symbol is one of the most liked amongst players because of its ability to replace many other symbols on a slot. This means that your chances of winning are substantially higher. The details of the payouts and the symbols the wild symbol can replace can be found on the paytable, which will also tell you if the wild symbol can act as a multiplier as well.

2. Scatter Symbol
What’s so great about a scatter? The scatter doesn’t abide by payline rules; instead, it will pay out no matter where it sits on the reels – it is so named because it can be ‘scattered’ across the reels and only needs to occur in a certain quantity before it pays out. Generally if you spin two or more scatters it will be enough to gain a prize; three or more could trigger the special free spins feature!

3. Free Spin
Usually activated by a set of triggers, the free spins feature means you get to enjoy the machine without having to pay any cash. Because you essentially get the chance to make a profit for free, this feature gives you a chance to boost your bank balance and see the machine in action. Thus it’s a very popular feature!

4. Bonus Games
Bonus games are another feature of slots that is very popular not only because of its being so lucrative and financially beneficial, but also because they are incredibly fun to play! These are generally the most sophisticated aspect of a slot machine. This feature can usually be activated on the slots by the appearance of certain symbols in pre-determined positions, but some bonus games are triggered randomly as well. Watch out for the jackpots as they’re often attached to a bonus game!

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