History of Slots

The history of slots is not something new; rather it is an invention of over a hundred years ago, though it has faced much modification since. It was originally created by Charles Fey, an American mechanic, in 1887. Fey’s slot was a three-reeled machine with five symbols on each reel: the spades, the heats, the diamonds, the horseshoes and the Liberty Bell. The machine was known as the Liberty Bell because this was the highest paying symbol.

The popularity of the Liberty Bell was such that even after gambling became illegal in California, Fey’s home state, he kept receiving an ever increasing demand for supplying slots to various other states.

The slots were then developed and modified by many companies and people. The modified version, consisting of five reels, 50 card slots and a number of poker combinations to give payouts was developed by Sittman and Pitt from New York in 1891. This can be taken as the foundation of modern day slots.

The next serious modification did not come until 1963. Bally manufacturers for the first time developed a machine that was fully electromechanical and could pay up to 500 coins without the help of any attendant. This was called Money Honey.

In 1976, video slots were introduced and they became more popular in masses when they were further innovated for letting the game become more tamper-proof than ever before. They found their place in the casinos of Vegas and to this day they are famous there.

These days, slots are a major part of the games in any casino as they are the most popular with players and the revenue they earn is also many folds higher as compared other games. With the introduction of online games, slots have also shifted online, letting hundreds of different themes, coin sizes and varieties being introduced in slots as the physical barriers are no more present.

These days, movie-based slots are a growing trend. The concept of building a game based on a movie means that developers are challenged to translate the movie in new and different, exciting waysin which the whole theme of the game is based on a particular movie. It makes the players more demanding and the competition for the game developers gets tougher to provide better and graphically rich games to the public.

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