Hitman Slots Are Not for Kids

Posted on April 15, 2013

hitman slotsFollowing in the theme that the game is based on, this slot is rated 18+. Hitman slots are based on the movie Hitman, it is exciting and has very realistic graphics displaying adult rated scenes of blood and violence.

All the 47 symbols on the 5 reels depict something or someone from the movie, which is about an assassin killing an untold amount of bad men, in a daring and cunning manner. This same manner of daring and cunning will help you successfully get through this game in a winning fashion.

Both the movie and the game are based on killing or assassination and when you play Hitman slots, you too can make a killing, in winnings that is, especially if you reach one of the three separate bonus rounds.

During the course of the regular game Hitman slots provides 31 different winning combinations, three of which could take you to exciting bonus rounds, but any win will not only pay you but will also entertain you by playing a short but enjoyable animation, relevant to the movie theme.

Bonus Rounds
As with anything related to the Hitman movie, you would expect excitement and drama, and the Hitman slots do not disappoint, with the excitement rapidly increasing (as well as the chances of wins) when a bonus round is reached. Getting 3, 18 symbols will advance you to the first bonus round. During this round you are allotted 18 free spins and all winnings during the round are doubled. To reach the Insignia Bonus Round, 3 Hitman Insignia symbols are to be attained. This is an exciting round that could see you winning big. The third of the bonus rounds is reached by having 3 Mini PC symbols appearing, one on each of the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels. This bonus round is played on a separate screen from the main game and features several items, from which you must pick some. If you ‘hit’ the right items then the round will continue, forever increasing the stakes and of course, the potential winnings.

Hitman slots is an exciting game, based on an exciting movie and keeps adding to the excitement, due to the three bonus rounds, allowing the excitement to grow and grow as the spins continue.