Although many players enjoy playing slots because of the fun factor, the handsome payouts associated with the game also makes them very popular among players. It’s no secret that the lucrative payouts, accessible via a single spin of the reels, is something that makes slots a particular favourite amongst players.

But what is a jackpot, and is there more than one that you can aim for? Read on to find out all about them…

A progressive jackpot, as the name indicates, is a pool of money that grows with time. In slots, a progressive jackpot means that the game is linked between players all over the world; whenever the slot is played, a small amount is contributed to the pool and so each time a player hits the button the jackpot will rise. As thousands of players can play a progressive jackpot slot anywhere across the world, the jackpots can rise quite rapidly. Occasionally, a game network will link several of its slots across the same progressive jackpot so that any time a player plays any of the slots, the jackpot will rise.

Progressive jackpots steadily increase until one lucky winner gets the jackpot money. After the winning jackpot is claimed, the jackpot prize is reset to a minimum level, still healthy enough that it is worthy of consideration. Progressive jackpots are also often associated with fun bonus games which are great to play for the fun even if one doesn’t win anything.

Some of the slots have non-progressive jackpots as well. This simply means that the jackpots are not linked across slots or players; it is a set prize that does not increase over time. You can win a non-progressive jackpot by achieving something in the game; the chance appearance of stacked wild symbols across all reels, five scatters that appear over the slot screens or some special symbols which are associated with the non-progressive jackpots. These jackpots do not tend to be as large as progressive jackpots and they do not rise with time, but they are much more frequently paid out.

To some, winning doesn’t matter and they play slots for the pure enjoyment of spinning the reels. This might sound odd to some people, but some players enjoy the thrill of receiving regular payouts and don’t really care about the jackpots. However, if you’ve never tried a progressive jackpot slot, you’re in for a treat!

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