First it was a video game, then it became a movie and now it’s finally a slot machine. One thing’s for sure, Hitman’s an absolute legend.

Some people aren’t really sure how to take a movie or a game that involves action and assassination, but I say embrace the adrenalin and remember that you’re in a fantasy world to have fun. Obviously you’d never be doing this stuff in real life so why not do it in a safe environment, where the most that’ll happen is that you’re going to win 270,000 coins?

There’s no denying that Agent 47 is a lethal character, but he’s also one of the most complex on the gaming scene. You’ll see themes of seeking peace and absolution, denying true nature, human greed and corruption in just about every Hitman conception and the slot game is no exception.

The Hitman slot is just as exciting as the movie and video games, with the added benefit that you can take home a massive jackpot. Agent 47 and a variety of deadly weapons feature on the reels, and the symbol of Agent 47 clutching two pistols is the expanding wild which occurs on reels 2, 3 and 4.

The game has three bonuses. The first is a free spins bonus round, triggered by spinning 3 or more 18-symbols, and consists of 18 free spins at a double multiplier.

The second is the Insignia bonus, triggered by spinning the Insignia symbol on reels 1, 2 and 3. You get to choose one and it turns into a multiplier, applied against your total bet staked.

The contract bonus is the most involved bonus game and requires you to select a target to eliminate. Once you choose the target, you’ll receive a bonus. You’ll then need to select a weapon, and you’ll receive another bonus. After that, you’ll enter a screen where a random multiplier will be awarded and the whole value of the game is the bonus multiplied by the multiplier (sounds complicated, but we’re sure you’re up for the arithmetic).

Other than the great bonuses available, you’re going to love the graphics, which make you feel just as if you’re playing the video game all over again. It’s tremendously exciting, exhilarating and of course it’s lucrative – so if you’re a fan of the game or if you just like really good slots with plenty of bonuses, try Hitman slot today!

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