The 18 Features in the Hitman Slots

Posted on April 26, 2013

hitman slotsThe number 18 features in this slot. As the Hitman slots are true to their theme, the violence is very graphic causing it to be recommended to be played by those only over the age of 18 and 18 is even one of the symbols on these 5 reels. Other symbols are of agent 47 or knives, drugs, guns and other things he regularly comes into contact with.

If you succeed in getting the 18 symbol on three of the reels of any of the 15 pay lines, you will be awarded 18 free spins and any winnings you may acquire during those spins, will be doubled.

That is one of the bonus rounds but Hitman slots have two more. A second bonus round is achieved by getting 3 Hitman insignias on a winning line. In this round as long as you keep a cool mind, you should be able to win big.

The third of the bonus rounds, called the contract round, requires that you get 3 Mini PC symbols on a winning line to gain access. This is a ‘take your pick’ type of round and you are required to click on a variety of objects. If you select the right objects, not only will you win but the round will continue, each time the round continues, the possible winnings get higher.

Hitman Slots
Hitman slots are fast action and suspenseful games based on the violent best selling movie by the same name. The Hitman movie and now the Hitman slots, follow the actions of the professional assassin, agent 47. The whole time whist playing these slots, the excitement builds as you first acquire a contract and then attempt to fulfill it.

This is a popular game with 31 possible winning combinations to try and ensure that your game is as financial rewarding as it is entertaining. The entertainment of the Hitman slots is greatly enhanced by near photo graphics and an exciting soundtrack.

You may have to be an adult to play Hitman slots but the amount of fun you have, will have you thinking that you are a kid again and leave you with a memorable experience.